So, I’m giving this songwriter/poet thing a shot. Figured I might need a blog. I’m extremely calm externally, but emotionally intense internally. That comes out in my diction and singing. There’s power there. I think it has something to do with how many lives I lived.

I’m really good at appreciating people’s characters as I continue to interact with them. This appreciation stems from delighting in the differentiation a soul provides. Recognizing people aren’t meant to be cookie cutter cut outs. We break under the stress and it creates more flaws used in a soul’s design,. The more intricate the system of flaws supports a soul, the more beautiful it becomes.

I start my morning by staring at a the blank page. After a few cups of coffee is when the magic happens. I live for that moment just before the ideas or lines come to me. I imagine myself in a void, there is nothing. It continues to expand into my consciousness and subconsciousness until my existence is drenched in the void’s volatile lack of definition. Then the spark of creativity ignites and the previous darkness of my mind blooms to life with the conflagration of the void being consumed by my creativity. It is this fervent rush to capture all of my creation on pen and paper that I live for. Nothing else gives me satisfaction like this.

I’ve been examining the flaws in everyday life and understanding that their existence is crucial to the definition of each individual piece of reality because without flaws and variation, life would be perfectly the same. That’s boring as hell. Thank you all for entertaining me with your variety.


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