One Word

There’s a thousand words to describe beauty.

Yet, I have none to appease my desire of expression in the exaltation concerning your countenance.

The phrases and prose of my poetry pose as a place holder for my perception of your perfection.

The rhythm and rhymes of my writing can not invoke the truth of your elegance in existence.

Oh, how my soul sings songs unsung of your grace in gliding footsteps; I come undone.

Thousands and thousands of choices of diction, yet none characterize definite definition of your charismatic condition.

Grasping at the ghost of genuine gorgeousness, I gaze into the void; vagrant in verification of your vitality

Oh, my soul for a solution! A new word, a new meaning, acceptable to your attractiveness.

So, I shall slay the suffering of my soul and simply say one word to honor your humility.

Trueaty; beauty in truth and truly beautiful. For that is what you are.


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