The Soul of Society

The providence of mankind has been that which breeds scarcity and suffering. We have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by as system initiated by the few to degrade the many. How many of us must languish in a life without unity and understanding? The essences of positive existence, which unrestricted, would unravel the veil of deceit draped over our eyes from the first lie breathed into our ears; the word them. Such a harmless way of communication creates a sense of separation. It is this idea of separation that incises our intellect into thinking there is no transparency between our thoughts, even though there is. Choose your words carefully and consider that we are all one conscious society. We are just a variation of the same timeless soul examining the human condition. Division of thought and conflict within society hurts its soul. When society’s soul suffers there is little solace for the individual to endure. We must determine our diction and actions in the best interests of ourselves within the appropriate constructs of society’s available roles we choose to play. We are taught the golden rule of do unto others as you would have done unto you. We have morays and laws for how we treat others and these are taught to us at an early age. However, we are not instructed on how to treat ourselves. This leads to entropy of our own essence in society’s soul. The vagrancy of a healthy sense of self will lead to severance of believing that society is worthy of the self’s benefit from following the collective morays and rules that establish a universal sense of respect and trust between each other. If you are not aware of how to care for your mind, learn about your strengths and flaws. Understand the composition of each note your soul plays for the song of your life. Learn to enjoy the music of your life’s song. If you are aware, teach others this understanding so they may see something beautiful and rejoice in knowing it is possible. If you are a parent, teach your children the morays and teach them as they grow how to discover to paint the portrait of their lives with brush strokes of sincerity and assured of authenticity. If you do not understand others, look at yourself and find a way to relate; do not hate the unknown. Embrace it. Eradicated discrimination and prejudices travels far in society. Do not demand differences be dissolved. Resolve them in respect and agreement that differences do not dictate conflict. The more that individuals discover themselves, the better society’s soul will be.

So, how will you fit into society? Will you continue in ignorance of the system of self suffering or will you understand yourself so you may understand others? Find your place in society’s soul.


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