Little Dragon

Dance little dragon dwelling deep in my desire

Sing sweet flames of fervent love to life

Shatter softly your slumber

Lust long in love’s last light

Intern the introspection of the Inferno

Rouse the rumbling roar revealed in the revel of romance

Now be still beating soul

Enticed by eyes iced in catalytic charisma

Astonished by auburn ablaze

Painted pricks on porcelain produce perfection

Seduced by symmetry sliding into a smooth smile

Goddess in the guise of humanity; humble my heart

Dance little dragon beneath the blinding moon before me

Drift into the blank bliss defined in the dream of dreamers

Crest the peaks in crescendos of perfect clarity consumed in consolation

The dark is yet beset upon the horizon of the heart

Dance little dragon, dance until the songs stop sounding sweet and the sun sways in the sky

Dance little dragon, dance.


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